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Carmen M. Cusack

Nova Southeastern University, USA

Title: Constructs and Narratives: Head Injury vs. Animal Spirits

Tracy Bear

McMaster University, Canada

Title: Indigenous Erotics: The Pursuit of Reimagining Indigenous Bodies, Sexuality & Gender

Qiang Luo

Fudan Univeristy, China

Title: A New Concept of Brain Androgyny and its Implications in Depression

Lisa Davis

CUNY School of Law, USA

Title: Dusting Off the Law Books: Reimagining Justice for Gender Persecution in Conflicts and Atrocities

Isabel Maria Gomez Trigueros

University of Alicante, Spain

Title: Digital Teaching Competences and Teacher Training in the Face of the Digital Gender Gap in Social Sciences

Chingyen Mayer

Siena College, USA

Title: Swing in between: Ambivalent gender roles in Shirley Lim’s Sister Swing

Fatima Junaid

Massey University, New Zealand

Title: The enablers and disablers for women academics in the South Asian Academia

Salima Meherali

University of Alberta, Canada

Title: Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs and Priorities of the Adolescents in Northern Pakistan: A Formative Evaluation

Rosila Bee Mohd Hussain

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Title: Women Digital Being: Embracing Changes or Defying Cultural Forces

Vijay Pal Singh

Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow), India

Title: Atrocities Against Women in India – Law and Public Opinion

Mieko Yoshihama

University of Michigan, USA

Title: (Re)visioning Gender (In)equity through PhotoVoice following a Major Disaster

Kumari Ruchi

IIT - Roorkee, India

Title: The Complexities of Silence and Invisibility in Alternate Sexuality in the Underprivileged Society: A Study of the Select Indian Texts

Sidonia Lucia Kula

SOAS, University of London, UK

Title: Irregular Migration and Forced Displacement: Contemporary perspectives in International Law

Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Anna Julia Cooper Professor of Women’s Studies and Director of the Women’s Research and Resource Center, Spelman College, USA

Title: TBD

Dalon Taylor

Wilfred Laurier University, Canada

Title: Exploring the migration reality along race and gender lines: Key highlights from the case of racialized immigrant women from the Caribbean in Canada

Holly Barnes-Bennetts

University of Worcester, United Kingdom

Title: Dialogue Not Monologue: Innovative Interactionist Methodology for Positive Sexual Consent Research

Karen Carpenter

The University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Title: Coming Out as an Afro-Caribbean Trans Woman: The Case of Alex/Sacha

Giridhar Raghunathan

University of Roehampton, United Kingdom

Title: Dancing the Desire: Queering Indian Classical Dance Compositions to De-Stereotype Sexualities in Performance and Viewing

Cristina Gimanez Elorriaga

University of Deusto, Spain

Title: Gender and Technology: New times, new challenges, new approaches. The case of The International Ada Byron Award to the Woman Technologist

Luisa Di Biagio

Cascina Blu Onlus, Italy

Title: Autism and Gender identity and orientation

Megha Kurian

Christ University, India

Title: Problems faced by transgenders: An analysis into the real experiences of the transgender community in Kerala

Inbar Levkovich

Oranim Academic College, Israel

Title: The influence of emotional reactions, and healthy behaviors during the COVID-19 epidemic: A longitudinal study of gender differences

Claudia Isabel Medina Lopez

Lima - Peru

Title: The Social Representations of feminicide crimes through the voice of the State: An analysis of five judicial records of feminicide in Peru

Olivia Peters

University of Guelph, Canada

Title: Intimate Partner Stalking: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Henry James Nichols

University of the Free State, South Africa

Title: Parents of Queer and Transgender Children: Exploring the Intersection between Schools, Parents and Queer and Transgender School attending Youth

Vesper North

Chapman University, United States

Title: The Queer Soul of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'

Neha Kumari

Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, India.

Title: The disenfranchised tales of Revathi, and Vidya: The Indian Hijras

Jennie Williams

Independent Consultant; Asia Pacific

Title: Empowering the Genders: Understanding Harmful Masculinities and Consent

Chaya M Abrams

University of Colorado Denver, United States

Title: Ancestral Bonding: Autoethnography of a Holocaust Granddaughter

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